The Continent: Londe

Londe is a continent that is ruled almost entirely by the royal family Quar. Each large city has its own laws, and its own guards/law enforcement. The cities are generally peaceful amongst themselves and hardly ever have anything to do with the Quar Family except during certain festivals or Ceremonies. Roads are owned, taxed, and maintained by the royal family, and are usually in decent condition, as well as occasionally patrolled by royal guardsmen.

Londe has many different climates, and regions. Mountains, Beaches, Forests, and one large desert.

The Cities of Londe


Population 1040, mostly human, some elf and half-elf.
The village is built around a great elm tree. It is governed by a mayor, a male human named Cyne.


Population 2000, primarily human, some other civilized races.
The town is dominated by several tall towers. It is governed by a mayor, a male human named Bertio. Dahill has several markets, located along the banks of the Ghoulfen Ocean.


Population 1500, primarily human, some elf.
The town is built around a granite outcrop, accessible by a single road. It is governed by a mayor, a female elf named Lene Floyde. The Abbey of Eternal Light is a common destination for religious pilgrims.


Population 1500, mostly human, some elf and half-elf.
The town is encircled by a crumbling stone wall. It is governed by a court of aristocrats, led by a male human named Tery. Lefalls is infamous for its thieves’ market.


Population 1000, mixed elf and human and half-elf.
The town is defended by a series of arcane wards. It is governed by an arcane sorcerer, a male elf named Amagh.


Population 1700, primarily elf, some half-elf.
Most of the buildings are constructed from living trees. It is governed by a council of elders, whose bizarre laws and decrees are commonly ignored.


Population 1300, mostly human, some halfling.
The town is a labyrinth of winding, narrow streets and dark alleys. It is governed by a senate of elected representatives, led by a male human named Riffin.


Population 2000, mixed elf and halfling.
Capital of Londe. The town sits within a valley, surrounded by waterfalls and forests. It is ruled by a tyrant, the halfling lord Dane.


Population 2430, primarily human, some other civilized races.
It is governed by an arcane sorcerer, a male human named Pheny. Pefalls has several markets, huge docks, and its streets are filled with vendors.

Ghoulfen Ocean

The Ghoulfen Ocean, the nearest body of water to the great city of Dahill. Years ago, this ocean was polluted during an oil spill. Since then. the ocean has been cleaned and the city only uses propane and propane accessories due to the laws that King Hank the First has made.


The Quar royal family, a family of great history and pride that has shown dominance for generations, rules over Londe. The Quar reside on Quar Island, where they can carefully watch over the mainland.

Quar Island

Quar Island is an island off the south east of Londe. It has one port city, called Sheek. The city is also home to a few small towns, and holds Castle Quar on it’s South-Western tip.

Castle Quar

Castle Quar, residing in the town of Sheek is the home to the Quar royal family. This castle is a vastly popular tourist attraction. People come here every day to see the castle where the most influencial family resides.


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